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Born from a desire to optimise time at the race track, our lowering trailers have been developed by car and racing enthusiasts who understand the challenges of transporting cars with low ground clearance. The inventive technology, clean and unique design with superior materials and techniques has resulted in a revolutionary lowering trailer.

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With a lightweight, high-quality extruded aluminium chassis, each Futura Lowering Trailer features its own self-contained electric motor that via cables, lowers and raises the deck at the push of a remote-control button operated by the driver. This electric motor is then trickle charged when not in use through a solar panel fitted to the trailer. The use of quality componentry throughout, including weldless design and assembly provides for an aesthetically pleasing, durable and easily maintainable platform, upon which various custom-designed accessories can be fitted.

Our lowering trailers are engineered in the same way you would engineer a race vehicle; using in-depth knowledge of structural design and cutting-edge materials. The result is an extremely strong yet lightweight design with striking aesthetics, capable of lowering to the ground at the touch of a button.

Equally as passionate about marine recreation, the Futura team have now brought that same level of innovation to marine trailers.

After years of design and development work, we have adapted our contemporary technologies, materials and signature cutting-edge design to create a marine trailer that blends superior performance and durability with modern aesthetics.

Applying a strong focus on ease-of-use and the inclusion of longer-life materials we are able to deliver a high-tech, contemporary design perfectly aligned with the modern watercraft favoured by today’s discerning buyers.